Fra Alberigo

Fra Alberigo was a Jovial Friar of the ruling guelph family of Faenza.  He was appointed the position with a goal of bringing peace to families and cities, only to soon after turn to deceit and corruption.  One of Alberigo's relatives, Manfred, began plotting against him to gain political power.  During the conflict Manfred struck Alberigo.  as a result of this dispute, Manfred struck Alberigo.  In retaliation, Alberigo held a grand banquet at his home by the Ravenna (in Faenza).  He pretended that all had been forgotten and forgiven and invited Manfred and his son to the banquet.  At the end of the feast Alberigo declared, "bring the fruit", to his servants.  This demand triggered armed servants to appear from behind curtains and kill Manfred and his son.
Fra Alberigo was condemned to the Third Ring of the Ninth Circle of Hell for his traitorous murders of Manfred and his son, family members.  These sinners are unlike sinners in other circles.  The acts that they had committed were seen to be so horrible that the devils took their souls right from their still living bodies, leaving their bodies to be possessed by demons and their souls trapped in Hell.  

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