Demonic possessions was often seen as the potential cause for people acting strangely amongst Christians in the Middle Ages.  The devil or his demons were called “energumenus,” and the possessed person was called “energumen” It was a common Christian belief that there were two ways to become possessed by the devil or an evil spirit.  One way was if the devil passed directly into a person. The other way was if a witch or wizard sent a demon to possess someone.The criteria for someone to be considered being possessed during the Middle Ages were seizures and convulsions (symptoms of epilepsy), personality changes associated with hysteria, schizophreniamental disorders that manifested themselves in the form of lewd and obscene acts, sexual thoughts, foul bodily odors, distended stomachs, and rapid weight loss. In modern times, the Catholic Church has set up a strict criteria involving its official recognition of a demonic possession, including the medical and psychological condition of the person who is suspected of being possessed. 
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